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Called To Conquer

02.29.24 - 03.02.24

10800 Scott St.
Houston, TX


"Come out in the name of JESUS....... and be Powerful"

Get ready for an incredible in-person event where demons will be exposed, strongholds will be broken and deliverance will happen all in the name of JESUS. You will not leave the same for you will be equipped with power from the teachings and trainings from Alexander Pagani, Vlad Savchuk, Tomi Arayomi, Greg Gervais, and Misti Carter.

Throughout this gathering we all will be able to see and to do the things that JESUS commanded us to do, which is "Heal the sick, and cast out demons and set all who are oppressed free."

It is time for the Church to take their GOD ordained position in this earth for the matter is already settled in heaven. This is the assignment of every believer no matter what part of the body of Christ you have been called to. GOD is needing a willing and available vessel who will stand up against the kingdom of darkness so that His people can be set free. It is time for us to use our authority and power that was given to us and conquer the land.

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What People Are Saying


Amazingly blessed! Fantastic experience. The atmosphere was charged with the glory of the Lord 🙏🏼


I watched the occupy movement recordings every day and glory to God. I've been abundantly blessed by these sessions! To God alone be the glory!


Thank you for streaming the services, it's been so good! I'm being so blessed and encouraged by the message, so much wisdom and revelation 🔥🙏🏼